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Looking for an interior design upgrade that’s less focused on trends and geared more toward quality, durability, and craftsmanship? Luxury furniture brands are a timeless investment that provides a stylish enhancement to any high-end space.

Nativa carries world-class luxury furniture brands and premium collections that fit a range of tastes and styles. As an exclusive brand dealer with its own state-of-the-art furniture manufacturing facility employing over 200 artisans, our award-winning interior designers have become an exclusive resource for residential and commercial clients to take their interiors to the next level.

Whether you’re looking for something timeless, comfortable, or eco-friendly, we’ve curated a list of the top 2022 luxury furniture brands to keep an eye out for this year.

Benefits of Luxury Furniture:

It might be tempting to avoid high-price tags in favor of low-cost alternatives when shopping for new furnishings; however, investing in luxury furniture brands has many benefits. Some beneficial qualities include: 

1. Durability: Luxury furniture is crafted from higher-quality materials that can withstand heavy use, leading to a longer product life span.  

2. Environmentally Friendly: Luxury furniture requires fewer replacements and is often made according to industry-wide sustainability considerations.

3. Timelessness: High-quality classic furniture will outlast years of trends and styles and thus will stand the test of time.

4. Comfort: High-end furniture is designed with ergonomics in mind to ensure optimal comfort.
5. Customization: Luxury furniture brands can often customize their products to fit the exact dimensions of homes and the specific tastes of their clients.

Most Timeless Brand: American Leather

American Leather has been a staple luxury furniture brand for timeless and versatile custom leather furniture for over three decades. With a guarantee of taking your order from concept to completion in just 30 days, American Leather prioritizes both quality and convenience. Innovative products like the barless, springless Comfort Sleeper and the Comfort Air intuitive recliner have positioned American Leather as a frontrunner in comfort technology. 

This Texas-based brand is also dedicated to environmentally friendly practices. American Leather partners with the most exclusive tanneries in the world and uses innovative manufacturing techniques to ensure that every single scrap of leather is either recycled or resold.

Most Comfortable Brand: Stressless Recliners

Rooted in Nordic design principles, Stressless Recliners creates pieces designed for both luxury and practicality. This luxury furniture brand uses a wide range of high-quality leathers and fabrics, from accent chairs to sofas, to create an unforgettable relaxation experience that prioritizes comfort. Stressless uses ergonomic science and technology to challenge the conventional way of making furniture. The result is a perfect combination of functionality and design with instant comfort.

Most Sustainable Brand: LEE Industries

When it comes to eco-friendly furniture, longevity, quality, and material sourcing are the most important factors, and LEE Industries hits all three marks. Since its beginnings in 1969, the mission of LEE Industries – Earth-Friendly Upholstery – has been to create innovatively styled, high-quality, and environmentally friendly home furnishings.

LEE Industries handcrafts all of its products right here in the U.S. to ensure the highest labor, material, and manufacturing standards. Waste reduction and recycling programs and responsibly sourced materials like soy-based cushions make this one of the most sustainable luxury furniture brands on the market.

Most Elegant Brand: Gamma

If you tend to have a flair for opulence, look no further than Gamma Arredamenti. Gamma has remained on the cutting edge of luxury design for over 50 years by using a combination of research and innovation with a lasting commitment to traditional design principles. Gamma offers an extensive line of sofas, beds, armchairs, tables, and accessories focusing on fine leather goods. On top of the brand’s stylish, clean aesthetic, comfort is a crucial feature. They offer versatile pieces that can transition from a casual day of relaxation to a high-end evening of hosting and entertaining.

Shop SoCal Luxury Furniture Brands

For the best furniture styles of the decade, look no further than Nativa Interiors. We offer exclusive selections on both fabric and leather for American Leather, Gamma, and other international luxury furniture brands. 
Connect one-on-one with our designers or come visit us at one of our Southern California showrooms to start designing your very own custom luxury furniture.