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When designing a world-class interior, only the best, handcrafted luxury furniture will do. It requires a discerning taste for elegance as well as materials chosen for their excellence in durability, comfort, and beauty. If you haven’t yet found the quality furniture you’re looking for, try one of these luxury brands. We think you’ll find their dedication to quality and innovation to be just what you need for your exquisite interior design.  

1. American Leather®

Offering custom-crafted furniture in 30 days or less, American Leather® is distinguished among furniture companies for its comfortable and innovative furniture design. From Comfort Sleeper® sofas that feature no bars or springs to ensure absolute comfort, to Comfort Air® seating that offers infinite positioning that moves with your body, American Leather® luxury furniture gives you hundreds of options for customization. Every handcrafted piece delivers comfort and quality you can feel.  

2. Gamma

Noted for quality and elegance, Gamma handcrafts sofas, beds, armchairs, and coffee tables with a modern style rooted in Italian tradition. Each piece of Gamma luxury furniture is full of personality and made with the finest materials. Inspiration will come easily when you see the luxurious leathers from Italy and Northern Europe. Gamma uses untreated wood for its frames, which it analyzes for defects before production. This attention to detail and dedication to quality are indicative of what makes Gamma furniture ideal for world-class interior design.

3. Stressless®

Experts in the science of comfort and movement, Stressless® offers recliners, sofas, and dining chairs that are the perfect mix of comfort, functionality, and style. Featuring technology that allows the furniture to adjust automatically to your body and movements, many of the Stressless® luxury furniture offerings provide the ideal positioning for sitting or sleeping. This luxury brand chooses its wide selection of fabrics and leathers with high standards for environmental impact and quality. Beechwood, a material known for its sustainability and durability, is used in all solid and molded wood components.   

4. Lee Industries – Earth-Friendly Upholstery

Lee Industries is a leader and innovator in environmentally friendly luxury furniture manufacturing. Quality is paramount to Lee, and it shows in each and every one of the hundreds of styles of sofas, chairs, and beds that you can choose from when ordering your customized piece. Lee uses soy-based cushions, fibers made from recycled plastic, organic fabrics for upholstery, and wood panels certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative), making their furniture the premium choice for designing an eco-conscious, world-class interior.  

Design a World-Class Interior with Luxury Furniture from Nativa

For an interior space that’s incomparable, it’s imperative to use the finest quality furniture. Nativa offers custom-made furniture from these luxury brands as well as interior design services provided by award-winning designers. To learn more about the premium furniture brands you can order through us, call our La Jolla showroom at (858) 454-1874 or our Solana Beach showroom at (858) 794-0003.