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Whether you’re interested in single-room renovations or house-wide projects, interior design can quickly become overwhelming. From electing coordinating color palettes to finding the right fabrics and textiles, to buying appealing furniture, even a small upgrade can quickly get out of hand in regards to budget and time. An interior designer is an expert when it comes to creating appealing, functional home spaces in a cost-effective way. When you finally decide to enlist the help of a designer, there are a few important things you should know. 


1. Role of an Interior Designer


Expert interior designers have ample experience and training when it comes to understanding how to create the perfect combination of elements in a space that meets the personality and needs of an individual or a business. They can see a room with a fresh perspective and offer unique, creative solutions for creating the room of your dreams in a way that meets your budget. Along with understanding your financial needs and limitations, designers also work quickly to bring your space to life in an appropriate amount of time. 


2. Combining Dreams and Realistic Expectations


Although your dream might be to have a gigantic, sprawling sectional couch, your space might only allow for a loveseat and an ottoman. An interior designer will listen closely to understand your style preferences and work with you to find the perfect balance. From the cost of labor, the price tag associated with the furniture you want, and the estimated timeline for completing a project, a good interior designer will establish realistic expectations through the entire design process. 


3. Be Prepared to Discuss Your Budget 


Depending on the quality of the interior designer, the area, and the extent of the project you’re interested in, the cost of a designer’s services can vary significantly. A reputable interior designer will provide you with a breakdown of service costs so there are no gray areas when it comes to managing your budget. Whether you’re looking for a commercial design or residential design, a clear budget is an essential building block to making your vision a reality. Once you’ve established a budget with your team, they will work hard to stick to it and make the most financially sound decisions while still creating the space you want. 


3. Unbeatable Insider Discounts 


You might have heard that interior designers get discounts on furniture, fabric, and other design materials. You’re in luck because this is true! Along with trade discounts, designers are also in the loop on big sales and closeouts that may present some great buying opportunities when it comes to finding the right furniture or hardware for your space. Their insider knowledge can help you stay on budget and find some incredible steals. Designers are also familiar with the offerings available in the local market, so they can introduce you to some new options you might not have considered before. 


Regardless of your budget, space, or time limitations, our team of interior designers at Nativa can help you create the luxurious space of your dreams. We specialize in making beautiful, functional, high-quality commercial and residential rooms that appeal to your personal tastes. Contact us today to get started on your dream project.