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Your coffee table can be a stylish centerpiece that pulls together a room or it can quickly become the default catch-all for keys, sunglasses, mail, and other clutter. If you want your coffee table to be more than just a place for drinks and the long-forgotten magazine, you’ll need to make some intentional design updates. The decor is a great place to start. Get inspired by these pieces that take your coffee table from drab to fully luxurious and make you look like an experienced interior designer. 


1. Fashion vs. Function



When thinking about redecorating a space, any experienced interior designer is going to tell you that the first thing to consider is how the space is used and what look you’re trying to achieve. The goal is to create an area that is both fashionable and realistically functional for your lifestyle. If you have younger children, then glass vases might not be the best centerpiece for you. And if you love entertaining, you’ll want to make sure guests still have enough room to comfortably set down their glasses on the coffee table. One great idea is to consider having more than one coffee table and go for small clusters of tables that can serve many purposes!


2. Play With Colors 


Colors can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to creating a cohesive interior design style that works throughout an entire house. Before picking out your coffee table decor, make sure you nail down the color scheme, then you can know where a pop of color is most effective. Stacks of books are a classy way to add a hint of color and functionality that matches any table, whether its white, clear, or dark wood. 


3. Use a Tray to Create Luxury Furniture


Coffee tables can quickly become cluttered without segmentation. An easy way to break up the surface space is by using a tray. An elegant tray can serve a variety of purposes, from corraling decor for a more composed aesthetic, to providing the perfect place for an impromptu wine and cheese sampling. To highlight your luxury furniture, choose a tray with a gold or marbled finish.  


4. Opt for Seasonal Decorations



If you’re feeling bored with your coffee table, a fast way to refresh your living room’s focal point is by adding in some seasonal decor. Fresh cut flowers in a simple vase gets everyone in the spring mood. The summer is the perfect time to add beachy accents like smooth sea glass while fall is ideal for grouping small gourds or pumpkins. Come winter, swap out the foliage for some cozy candles and a little greenery to get in the holiday mood. 


5. Let Your Decor Tell a Story 



No matter the style you choose, your decor should be the perfect reflection of your passions and memories, so make sure the pieces are personal. Having a good variety of decorative pieces gives your coffee table and the entire room more character. This can be something as simple as shells you collected on a family vacation or an heirloom that’s been passed down for generations. They make great conversation starters when you have company over!

Your coffee table has an incredible impact on your living room and the decorative statement pieces you use can easily elevate your style. If you want more interior design tips from a team of experienced professionals, our staff at Nativa Interiors is happy to help!