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We knew we could use the location of this expansive waterfront home in The Crown City to our advantage. Large windows throughout bring the outside in for a home made for entertaining or luxe ocean vacations. Take an inside look at how we used this home’s existing features for the perfect combination of modern, minimalist design with natural accents. This is the Camino Pravido.

The Curb Appeal

Your first introduction to this impressive home is its impressive exterior. Flowers and plants out front match the exterior finishes. Bricks and stone offer a more natural-looking aesthetic that matches the house’s interior. Pops of color when flowers used in the landscaping bloom only enhance this home’s curb appeal. The plentiful windows all around the house let the outside in, while the exterior work maintains a sense of privacy at the same time.

The Living Space

A large open space is complemented by tall ceilings that only open the space up further. We used the height, exposed beams, and natural wood finishes in our design choices. Brick and stone work draws the eye to our focal point: the wood-burning fireplace. Built-in nooks surrounding the fireplace offer soft lighting and a place to keep electronics neat and out of view. The main hanging light gives off a light rustic touch in an otherwise modern design concept.

Modern furniture in cool tones plays off the neutral palettes along the walls. Throw pillows in fun patterns add playfulness to the space. We love the coffee table in particular, which is a perfect blend of natural and modern style. The knotty wood and glass tabletop center table is a true statement piece. Additional seating off to the side adds to the usefulness of the space without interrupting the open-flow concept

This large space is perfect for gatherings and parties, with loads of natural light coming through the floor-to-ceiling windows along the side wall to invite guests into the dining area.

The Dining Area

At first glance, the focal point of the dining area isn’t inside the space at all. Large windows offer expansive natural light and views of the garden, with the lush greens outside playing off the natural wood inside. Then you look up. Modern light fixtures hang from one of our favorite features of this house, wooden beams below the ceiling that give the space a gazebo effect without ever having to leave the house. 

The table and seating look traditional at first glance, but don’t miss the accent fabrics on the backs of the chairs. The subtle colors are visible from the main living area that flows into this space, giving everything a cohesive feel. Doors leading to the garden outside boast accents resembling stained glass. The dining area is a fantastic example of bringing the aesthetics of outdoor dining and the ideal weather this home enjoys inside for all to enjoy. 

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the ideal sanctuary. Our design embraces the home’s waterfront vibes and location with cool colors throughout. The design accents we used are meant to calm for restful sleep, with modern finishes and clean lines throughout.

Soft. luxe bedding and plush pillows signal both class and comfort. A separate chaise is available for seating or a reading nook when you’re not quite ready for bed. If you’d like to read in bed, take advantage of loads of natural light with tall windows, playful lamps on muted nightstands, or the hidden reading light within the bed frame.

The Details

Every aspect of this project was an exercise in bringing natural elements in, focusing on keeping spaces and our design clean and neutral. The result is the perfect blend of modern and natural and reflects the vision our client had for the space. Exposed wood accents and bright, airy spaces bring in as much light as possible so that even when you’re inside, sunny skies aren’t far away.

The artwork we used highlights that fact. It’s all about setting suns and pieces that match the neutral color palette throughout the rest of the house. Hidden nooks offer additional lighting so rooms remain well-lit after the sun goes down. Any added features are meant to dress up the spaces rather than take anything away from each room. It’s a little bit barn chic but in an elevated way. You only need to look above you to feel how special this home is.

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