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Interior Design of a commercial property is well worth the investment.  Interior designers can design office spaces and retail spaces with marketing elements that allow consumers and visitors to connect with the brand.   And this leads to an increase in sales and brand loyalty. For example, a smart restaurant interior design can entice customers to stay longer and order more food.   


The Benefits of Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design will make the space comfortable, functional, and aligned with the brand.  It creates a professional look that would be hard to recreate without the help of an expert. It will purpose the space and set the mood that the business owner wants to convey with colors, style, and décor.  And, it is done by a professional who knows exactly how to rework a space to achieve the desired results.  


What Does a Commercial Interior Designer Do?

A commercial interior designer is a great resource for companies that want to make sure their commercial space fits their needs.  A designer creates and directs the construction or renovation of a commercial area. The designer helps to choose materials, layout options, interior wall arrangement, and furniture.  They also serve as the communicator between all of the workers on the project and offer guidance during the renovation process.  




Areas that an Interior Designer Can Help With

Office Spaces:  A planned office design can create an environment that encourages employees to work productively.  It can also portray the company culture to both internal employees and outside visitors.


Retail Spaces:  The way a store is laid out affects the customer experience and their buying decisions.  A messy, confusing layout will not encourage purchasing. The purpose of the store and products or services it is offering can help create a design to reflect the brand.  


Restaurants:  If a restaurant’s interior is not inviting, customers will not want to eat there.  When Nativa Interiors designed the Pacific Coast Grill, beach colors of tans, blues, and beiges were used to reflect the setting.  Large windows provide a perfect view of the Pacific. The inside and outside were utilized for seating to create a cohesive setting for customers to enjoy their meal.  


Hotels:  The interior of a hotel and its rooms set the tone for the guests’ stays.  Nativa’s renovation of La Jolla Shores used inspiration from the coast to create a laid-back California vibe for families and individual travelers to enjoy.  The neutral tones carry from the lobby to the individual rooms making for a serene and natural setting.  


Marketing Spaces:  An example of creative marketing spaces is trade show displays where companies can set themselves apart from the competition.  


A turnkey interior design service can take care of all aspects of the process from budget to color selections.  The difficult design choices such as carpet, blinds, and artwork are handled by the interior designer so the business owner can focus on the business.  Contact the experts at Natvia Interiors for any questions you may have.