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If you’ve been shopping for luxury furniture, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard about the brand Ekornes. Ekornes is a brand known for its quality of luxury comfort that might just be what your living space needs.

Introduced in 1971, the Stressless furniture collection is one of the most popular collections Ekornes has to offer. Often imitated but never replicated, Stressless recliners have been the gold standard when it comes to comfort and support.

So, is a Stressless recliner chair right for you? Here are the top reasons why Stressless recliners are a must-have for any luxury living space.


Top Reasons to Get a Stressless Recliner for Your Luxury Living Space


1. Top-Quality Materials


Stressless recliners are manufactured with quality and durability in mind. Ekornes spares no expense, as they only use the highest quality materials for their recliners. Every part of a Stressless recliner is sourced and constructed in the highest quality possible.

For instance, the base of the recliner is made with European beech and the entire base is reinforced by one long steel rod. Ekornes’ dedication to quality is illustrated in the quality leather that they use for their chairs, sourced from the world’s most famous tanneries. Just feeling these chairs lets you know that you have a piece of luxury furniture in your hands. 


2. Excellent Construction



Having the best materials is not enough if the actual construction of your recliner is not up to par. Each Stressless recliner is expertly constructed, both by machine and by hand to ensure the best experience.

The main goal of the construction is to provide the most comfort possible. From the steel base to the stitching, Ekornes ensures that the construction process results in optimal comfort and durability.

You can also rest assured that the quality of the material and construction means a long-lasting chair that you can count on for years to come.


3. Superior Support


On top of providing quality and comfort, Stressless recliners are also known for their superior support.

These luxury recliners are constructed in a way that they mold to your body. Specifically, your lumbar, neck, and body alignment get special attention in terms of support. In fact, the support of Stressline recliners is so good that they are endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

Ekornes boasts patented features that enable them to create recliners that are ergonomically sound. Stressless’ Plus™ system reads your body’s movement as you change position to ensure quality comfort throughout your sitting. The headrest is also easily adjustable and adheres to the spine’s natural position.


4. Unparalleled Aesthetic


Stressless recliners are not just comfortable and durable, they look great as well. Many interior designers are recommending the Stressless collection for luxury living spaces.

The designs of these recliners are modern and highly versatile. There are also numerous design options so you can easily choose a recliner that goes well with your home’s interior design.


Luxury Recliner for Your Luxury Living Space


A Stressless recliner is a great addition to any luxury living space. If you care about luxurious comfort, top-notch durability, and superior support, it’s not a difficult choice to go with the Stressless collection of recliners.