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Your bedroom should be a haven that reflects your unique personality. Used for much more than just sleeping, the bedroom is a place for relaxation, regeneration and reconnecting. If you have a rigid design scheme for the rest of your home, your bedroom should be the one area where you let loose and express yourself. Furniture for your bedroom should revolve entirely around your taste. While accent pieces and art can show who you are and make your bedroom a functional and stylish space, you can’t wait to come home to. Consider these seven beautiful bedroom ideas to make your bedroom feel more luxurious:

Pendant Lamps

Good lighting is an essential component of any space, and the bedroom is no exception. Overhead lighting can be harsh, so it’s best to have various light sources so you can adjust the light to fit the mood. Pendant lamps are an excellent alternative to traditional bedside lamps and will help declutter your nightstand. These hanging fixtures are both functional and add a unique style element. Pendant lamps come in an assortment of styles that can work in anything from a bohemian to industrial design.

Pendant lamps in a Nativa Designed bedroom

Unconventional Nightstands

Choosing a nightstand with an unconventional design can make your bedside table a highly-functional yet impactful design element. Nightstands often become a cluttered mess of trinkets, tech gadgets, and picture frames, so it’s essential to keep in mind both style and convenience.

This Picasso nightstand has a three-tiered abstract design that offers plenty of surface area for your items and knick-knacks. If you prefer to hide away some of your items that don’t necessarily fit into your design aesthetic, you may want to consider a bedside table with drawers like this tall gold nightstand that acts as both a statement piece and a storage unit. To elevate your bedroom, try using two different nightstands on each side of the bed to give the room a unique asymmetrical layout.

Unique nightstands

Chalkboard Wall

You may not think chalkboard paint has a place in elegant interior design, but this innovative tool can elevate spaces outside of just kitchens, playrooms, and children’s rooms. Having a chalkboard wall in your bedroom allows for personalization and sophistication. It’s one of those beautiful bedroom ideas that seem a bit crazy at first, but the results will have you head over heels. The dark black paint can create a chic accent wall, and using chalkboard markers will allow you to change your design whenever inspiration strikes. It can also be a useful space to make lists, jot down ideas, or display inspirational quotes. When executed correctly, chalkboard walls are a unique and fun way to express yourself in the most personal area of your home.

Bedroom with a chalkboard accent wall

Statement Art Piece

Art is the easiest and most stylish way to express yourself in your bedroom design. A statement art piece can add a pop of color, display your interests, or act as a source of inspiration. Go with an abstract piece to add sophistication and unify your color palette.

You can also opt for wall art with inspirational quotes or images that remind you of a special moment. Having something to look at every morning that motivates you or connects you to yourself will set the tone for your day. You can’t go wrong with an oversized art piece as long as it speaks to you because, at the end of the day, your room should reflect your tastes, preferences, and style.

Statement art piece in a bedroom

Stylish Headboard

If you’re looking for beautiful bedroom ideas for your revamp, the best place to start is… you guessed it: the bed. A large, glamorous headboard immediately adds a sense of elegance and comfort to your bedroom. When upholstered with unique materials, headboards can be a design focal point and add a textured layer to your room. Many beds come equipped with a headboard, so you don’t have to fuss with making sure the sizing and measurements are correct. This Irenne Box Bed has a tall built-in tufted grey headboard framed in wood that is both simple and chic. If you’re looking for something more unique, this Angelina Bed has a hefty wooden headboard made from alder, cherry, oak, and walnut that gives off a high-end vintage feel.

Stylish Nativa headboards


A great mirror is one of those bedroom must-haves that can completely transform a space. Mirrors can make any room feel bigger, brighter, and more luxurious when placed correctly. Hanging a mirror directly opposite a window will increase the amount of natural light in a room and illuminate dark, dreary corners. Putting a mirror opposite the door will make the space feel bigger, which works exceptionally well for small bedroom layouts. Mirrors are an interior design secret weapon and can enhance any space in an instant.

Don’t be afraid to stray away from the traditional rectangular mirror and play with shapes, sizes, and frames that fit your design aesthetic. Uniquely shaped mirrors will add an organic element to your room, opening it up and making it feel more balanced.

Unique mirror in a bedroom

Seating Area

An unconventional way to improve your bedroom is to add a seating area. A seating area in your bedroom may seem strange since it’s somewhere you don’t typically invite guests, but it can improve your design and your quality of sleep.

We’re all guilty of checking emails, scrolling through social media, and watching tv from our beds. However, according to research, using your bed for anything other than sleep can significantly disrupt your sleep patterns. When you get into bed, it should be a signal to your brain that it’s time to unwind and rest. Having a designated seating area in your bedroom can help you preserve your bed as solely a place to relax and sleep.

Sofas, coffee tables, and accent chairs can all be arranged in your bedroom to create a cozy and inviting seating area that can be used to chat with friends, read, watch television or get some work done on your computer. A dramatic accent chair like this Scout Lounge Chair is an essential addition to any bedroom seating area that adds a touch of luxury and comfort.

Nativa Designed bedroom seating area

Bring These Beautiful Bedroom Ideas to Life

Your bedroom should be your favorite room in your house. It should be comfortable, inviting, and a reflection of you. Following these beautiful bedroom ideas will help you make your room the oasis you deserve while keeping it stylish and fresh. We can help you bring these ideas to life with our bedroom interior design services from our award-winning design team. If you’re interested in giving your bedroom a refresh, connect with us to talk with a designer and get started on your vision today.